I was born in Kansas in 1970. Between then and 2002 I spent many years in Kansas, a decade or so in Southern California and a year in Oregon. I spent a significant period of time in, without moving to, several other places. Then I moved to Ontario where I spent 10 years in Toronto before moving to Oshawa, Ontario. 

All the moving around made it difficult to form many lasting relationships. However, it did allow me to meet many many people. I got to know people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and tax brackets.

Beyond getting to meet people, I’ve also explored a wide array of interests. I am, and always have been, interested in just about everything.  

I volunteered for my first political campaign, distributing fliers for a city council candidate, at the age of 7. 

Despite never having much money, I was one of the first kids I knew to have a computer; a TRS-80 that I inherited in 1979. 

People called me an ‘at risk youth’ and I sometimes strayed into juvenile delinquency. Most of the time though I didn't go beyond “pain in the ass”. Whatever labels I wore, I still managed to leave high school with awards in history, journalism, constitutional studies and “language arts”. 

I spent a long time in college and university studying just about everything. This included time studying political science, journalism, economics, history, computer science, theatre, film, literature and media studies. In the end I wound up with a degree in information systems. 

After I finished my formal education, in my spare time, I continued to study. I continued learning all the subjects listed above and moved into others as well. These included science, mythology and psychology.

I’ve also spent time in politics, serving as a student senator then as a a precinct captain and a ward captain for the Democrats. While at school I helped to establish student chapters of the ACLU and Amnesty International (among other groups). 

I have worked in retail, as a stage manager, master control operator for television, researcher, content writer, web producer, social media manager and journalist. 

I am also, most importantly, the proud father of three girls and step father to a fourth and (do my best to be) a loving and supportive partner and dad. 

In 2008, I launched the crowd-sourced Canadian arts and culture site, where I remained as editor until 2014.