If you’re genuinely interested in the world’s economic bottom 50 percent, try the UN podcast

In January Oxfam released a report which stated that “just 8 men own the same wealth as half the world”. This was seized on by the left to make points about income inequality, poverty and the excesses of modern capitalism.

However, the 50 percent of the world’s poorest mentioned in the report do not live in the United States, Canada or Europe. They live in the world’s war zones, in drought stricken regions of the global South, in failed and failing states, in refugee camps and rural villages. The bottom 50% live on a few dollars per day or less and they are largely ignored by the world’s media unless they show up on the shores of Europe or the United States.

The United Nations podcasts and UN Radio don't just talk about the world's poorest and most at risk, they frequently talk to them directly, along with their political and community leaders. If you're genuinely interested in the bottom 50%; their hopes, dreams, challenges, and fears. You'll also hear about the challenges faced by those trying to provide assistance, whether it is through UN missions, NGOs or their own leaders. If you're genuinely interestd, listen to them directly and not just those who claim to speak for them in the wealthier parts of the world.
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