Torchwood coming back as a series of radio plays

Torchwood was a show with amazing amounts of potential that no one ever made a sufficient commitment to.

For those of you who somehow missed it: Torchwood was a spinoff from Doctor Who aimed at an older audience. If featured John Barrowman (currently on Arrow) as Captain Jack Harkness who let an ultra-secret group to protect the world from aliens.

The team was based out of Cardiff, Wales because of a time rift located there. The rift would regularly cough up dangerous things and it was the job of Barrowman and Torchwood to round them up and save the world - so sort of a Doctor Who meets Men in Black ... type of thing.

The show was bumped from BBC 3, where it spent its first season to BBC 2 and then to BBC one due to increasing popularity. Then, for season 4, there was an ill-advised co-production with Starz. Torchwood came to the US to work with the CIA and then the show was over.

Now, Blastr reports, the BBC is bringing it back as a series of radio plays. Barrowman is apparently on board if the BBC can work around his Arrow schedule. Given the rapid deterioration of Doctor Who under show runner Stephen Moffat it is good to know that the BBC is revisiting Torchwood.

Hopefully, if the radio plays are popular, some consideration will be given to bringing Torchwood back for another run at television (minus the Starz - American-action-movieization of the concept).

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