Crash Override Network offers assistance to victims of online threats & harassment

The internet is a great place to share ideas and information. Unfortunately, it has also become a place for stalking, harassment and hate.

People, especially young women, have become targets for individual acts of stalking and threats of violence that are sometimes carried out. In addition to individual acts, many have been subjected to organized campaigns of intimidation and harassment.

Recently game developers Alex Lifschitz and Zoe Quinn, launched a new network in response to these abuses.

Quinn, you may remember, was a first target of Gamergate in 2014. Via Wired:
"Game developer Zoe Quinn made national headlines last year as the first target of Gamergate, an online movement of angry videogame fans that has inspired widespread harassment, particularly against female games critics and professionals. After suffering vicious and persistent abuse by anonymous online mobs—including death and rape threats that drove her from her home..."
The new network, Crash Override, is still in its early days. It seeks to help fill in the void left by a lack of law enforcement or rules enforcement on the internet. It aims to provide advice, counseling and support to victims as well as practical assistance with legal claims and law enforcement contact.

Additional information is available at and on Twitter @CrashOverrideNW

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