Anonymously glitterbomb your enemies for $10

If you have children, or have been around someone who does, you know that glitter is the nuclear radiation of art supplies. Once it is released into the environment it takes thousands of years for it to go away completely.

An Australian website is now offering to introduce glitter into your enemies environments for a mere $10 (Australian dollars). Just give them a name, address and 10 bucks and your target will get a letter in the mail. They will bring it in with the rest of the mail, open the envelope, pull out the sheet of paper inside and *poof*, they will be finding glitter on the floor, in the carpet, on the cat and everywhere else for years and years.

You could, of course, do this yourself but that would mean introducing glitter to your environment and that makes it far less satisfying.

Grab your enemies list and visit (via Gizmodo)

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