Short film 'Wanderers' examines the appeal of colonizing other planets

This short film by Erik Wernquist recreates landscapes from our solar system and is narrated with words from Carl Sagan. It explores the appeal of new frontiers and new places and the part of our nature that lures us 'out there'.

Regardless of whether or not you, personally, want to go to space it has to at least stimulate your imagination. According to a report from November, 2013 there are an estimated 8.8 billion planets in our galaxy alone that are similar in size and temperature to Earth. That means that every person currently alive on Earth could have their very own planet with planets left over. According to NASA, if we mined the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter could provide each person on Earth with 100 billion in resources.

All of that is just a very small part of what is out there. Our galaxy with it's 8.8 billion Earth like planets is only one of at least 100 billion galaxies and that asteroid belt is just a tiny patch of what is out there. Then there are the more exciting possibilities, the alien (possibly intelligent) life, the exotic flora and fauna, the natural wonders that put those on Earth to shame (like the planet made of diamond for example).

If all of that doesn't spark your imagination, you probably don't have one.

Personally I've even been disappointed with shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who, given the range of possibilities, for focusing too much on 1950s Las Vegas or 21st century London.

At any rate here is Wernherst and Sagan's contemplation of life out there and, just for fun, Monty Python's as well.

Wanderers - a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik Wernquist on Vimeo.

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