A simple test to debunk stupid comspiracy theories

Conspiracy Theories

One of my absolute favorite YouTube channels is Kurzgesagt (which means "in a nutshell" in German). They do a great job of explaining complex concepts (usually science topics) in plain English with simple animations. This week they deviated from their normal heavy topics (time, space, energy etc) to take on one of my biggest pet peeves - conspiracy theories.

I don't know if it's an epidemic of paranoia, an overdose of fiction or just the part of our brain that wants to believe in goblins and elves but conspiracy theories seem to pop up on the internet like summer dandelions.

Many of these theories would require the active participation of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people over decades. They overlook the fact that, for example, if the government had evidence of extra terrestrials that anyone who had that knowledge could make millions by spilling the beans.

The good folks at Kurzegesagt have come up with their own conspiracy theory debunking test, which involves simply asking how the secret would impact the rich and powerful. In other words would the President of the United States be ok with poisoning the water supply if it was going to impact him and his family ... have a look:

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