I’m not leaving Facebook, but the way I use Facebook is going to change

Currently, people don’t see much of what is posted on Facebook. If you like a page and the owner posts something to that page, roughly 10% of the people who liked the page will ever see it. Not, that is, unless the page owner pays to promote it.

YouTube and Google (through AdSense) share revenue with content creators. To date almost 400 people (as of August, 2013) have made a million dollars or more through revenue sharing on YouTube. Facebook, by contrast, charges the advertisers and the content creators and shares nothing.

As of January 1, Facebook has announced plans to become even more ad intensive and even fewer people will see posts from pages they've liked (unless the page owner pays). So, as part of an overall consolidation of my internet activities) I'm deleting, or handing off, the pages I've created, deleting all but a few of the groups I've created over the years. I'll also be un-liking pages, leaving groups and removing personal information from Facebook.

I've joined Ello (and am hoping that it takes off), Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+, and will be focusing more on other sites (to the extent that I focus on any of it).

Maybe, someday, Facebook will change their business model, show some respect for their users and content creators and make a comeback but until then my relationship with it is going to change.  I'm not leaving Facebook because it is the only way I communicate with some people - people that I like. I'll still share things on my page because some people will manage to see them. Beyond that however, I'll do my best not to cooperate with them, not to feed their algorithms, give them personal information or tell them what ads I want to see (because I don't really want to see any).

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