First original series to be released exclusively on BitTorrent in 2015

Old media continues to press ahead with old strategies. Governments are being lobbied to reduce privacy and increase penalties for piracy, Google is being lobbied to degrade the search rankings of "infringing" sites and people are being sued for illegal downloads.

Meanwhile, new media continues to press ahead with new models and find new audiences. Netflix (along with competitors like Amazon and Yahoo) are forking out small fortunes for original series, nearly 400 people have made a million dollars or more with YouTube shows and now original programming is coming to BitTorrent.

Someone finally figured out that BitTorrent is predominantly male, predominantly young and has 170 million users and so,  sometime in the fall of next year people will be able to download the pilot for the science fiction series Children of the Machine:

According to Tubefilter, the series is "directed by Marco Weber (producer of The Thirteenth Floor and Unthinkable) and created by Rapid Eye Studios, Children of the Machine is a sci-fi series set in the year 2031. It chronicles a society where humans must work together to survive after androids start dominating them."

After the pilot episode, viewers will be able to download the rest of the series for free with advertisements included. There will also be an option to download the series ad free for $4.96 and ad free with bonus features for $9.95.

The model would also be the first to truly allow producers to leverage social media. Fans of the program will be able to express their love and share a link (on Facebook, Twitter, etc) to download the entire program instead of a link to a clip or trailer.

Children of the Machine may or may not be a hit but it will be an interesting test of a new-old business model; giving away ad supported programming. If it works it could be a huge wake up call to the culture of technophobia that has gripped traditional television producers since the dawn of the internet. (And yes, it's a bit ironic that it could be a technophobic program that sets them free).

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