The Walking Dead Full Comic Con panel and Season 5 trailer

Walking Dead

Entering Season 5, the Walking Dead is looking for something to be about.

In season 1 it was about the zombie apocalypse.

In season 2 everyone hung out at a farm and talked about whether or not there was a god, also a child died.

In season 3 the gang found a prison to take shelter in. Then they found another group of people who seemed nice but turned out not to be. It was also during this season that we learned that the zombies (or 'walkers') were no longer very dangerous. Daryl hardly needed his crossbow anymore, unless they came in large numbers and/or caught you unaware a screwdriver and room to swing it were about all you needed.

In season 4 the leader of the group of nice/not nice people that they found in season 3 came back to try to take the prison again. He failed but Rick and the gang were forced to flee anyway. By the end of the season they reunited and found another group of people who seemed nice but turned out not to be.

And that is where Season 5 will pick up. The walkers are no longer much of a threat, they can't find any more good people who turn out to be bad without making it into a joke and the fact that their leader (Rick) makes terrible decisions at every turn has been established to the point of being cliche.

Still, for whatever reason, I keep watching out of pure optimism.

Here is the Walking Dead panel from San Diego Comic Con and the first trailer for season 5 to tell us how they plan to keep the series alive. (As opposed to, you know, letting it become a zombie of a TV show.)

[via Emergency Awesome]
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