First trailer for Season 3 of Arrow


Ok, this show nearly lost me last season. It had become too much of a soap opera and not enough super hero but the end of the season gave me hope. The characters who tended to introduce soap opera elements into the script are rapidly disappearing - Moira Queen is dead, Thea Queen is gone (at least for now) and it appears that next season's romantic interest will be Felicity Smoak (who has always been a great character) as opposed to Laurel Lance (who generally hates the protagonist but needs to be rescued several times per season).

Seriously - Oliver (Arrow) dated Laurel, then cheated on her with her sister, then got her sister killed, then dated Laurel again, then failed to save her new boyfriend (Oliver's best friend) which she blames the Arrow for, then it turned out her sister wasn't dead after all so Oliver dated the sister again ... I mean baggage is one thing but not only should Laurel be out of the series at this point, she shouldn't be on his Christmas card list anymore.

Here's hoping that in Season 3 they can pull the series out of the nosedive of Season 2 and bring it back to Season 1's standards.

Here, despite the fact that there are 4 significant roles that have yet to be cast, is a first look at Season 3 (half of which is a S2 retrospective).

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