Download a live recording of They Might Be Giants first album for free


Have you ever gone to see a band that refused to play their "old stuff"? It can be frustrating, especially if it was the "old stuff" that you came to hear. Fortunately, They Might Be Giants have never been that kind of band. They've always been good at mixing the old stuff with the new stuff. In fact, during their 2013 world tour they played all of "the Pink Album", their self titled debut which was released in 1986.

That first album earned TMBG the reputation they still have. Robert Christgau, music critic for the Village Voice called it an "...exuberantly annoying show of creative superabundance” which pretty much sums up the ethos of the band 28 years later.

Having performed all of the material the band cobbled it together into an "album" which you can have for free, just check out the widget below or visit

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