What Season 2 of Cosmos Should Look Like


All indications are that there won't be a second season of Cosmos. Neil deGrasse Tyson has said that he's not interested, the network doesn't seem anxious to have another season and the original Carl Sagan Cosmos didn't have a second season.

Cosmos was never really intended to be an ongoing series. After all if, as Carl Sagan said, "The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be" and you've covered that, what's left? The show could conceivably go into greater depth on some of the topics covered, but that really isn't necessary. Cosmos is meant as an introduction - a sort of Science 101. If people are want to dig deeper into topics there are plenty of books, magazines, web site, podcasts, online courses and other documentaries.

However, while a straight up season 2 isn't really necessary, there is a flip side - a worthy follow up to what Neil deGrasse Tyson covered in season 1 and that is technology.

It seems to me that science and technology are two sides of a spinning coin. Discoveries in science allow us to improve our technology and improved technology allows us to make greater advances in science.

What's more, a basic understanding of technology is becoming increasingly important. Over the next several decades, technology is going to radically transform out lives in almost every way. It will change the social and political landscape dramatically.

Alternative energy, carbon capture and storage and possibly geoengineering could hold the solution to our climate problems, while drastically altering geopolitics. Robotics and artificial intelligence will forever change our economy and the way we think about work. 3D printing will change manufacturing and how we acquire goods.  Nanotechnology and genetic manipulation/engineering will change our environment, the food we eat and could radically expand human life expectancy. Genetic manipulation (again) and cybernetics could radically change the capabilities of humans. Expanded space travel could make space tourism and even colonization a real possibility. The internet of things and, possibly, quantum computing could alter society over the next few decades as much as the internet has over the last few. And these are just a few examples off the top of my head.

It is important as it is to understand the world that we live in and where we came from. It is equally important to have at least a basic understanding of these technologies. All of the tech I mentioned above is advancing on a daily basis and very little of it is being discussed in mainstream culture or among the politicians who will regulate these technologies and govern society as these changes unfold. People will, one day soon, be voting for or against all of this and they should understand what they are voting on.

The show wouldn't have to be called 'Cosmos' (the name doesn't really fit) and it wouldn't have to star deGrasse Tyson (it's not really his area) but it would be good to do a follow up season and show the other side of the spinning coin. Part of the reason, after all, that we know all the things that Cosmos explained is because of our technology.

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