Utopia Series 2 Trailer is Here: Best new series of 2013 returns in July


Utopia is the darkest British series I've ever seen. It was also the best new series of 2013. The story of a graphic novel containing government secrets, a government conspiracy to permanently solve overpopulation and a group of comic book fans who (in the beginning) had very little idea what they had made for a fresh and original story.

Even better the cast was an amazing collection of young British talent and it was shot beautifully. It is hard to imagine what HBO is going to do better for the American version.

It's also hard to imagine how they are going to achieve the same level of greatness for the second season. After the sixth and final episode, part of me wanted them to stop. It was so perfect and the story tied up so well that continuing the story almost seemed unnecessary. That feeling quickly vanished though when they announced that a second series was in production.

There have been few stories or rumors about what, exactly will happen this year. In what must be one of the greatest television marketing fuck ups of all time, they haven't even announced exactly when in July the series is returning but all indications are that it will, again, be amazing.

Rose Leslie (the Wildling Ygritte in Game of Thrones) and Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars) will be among those joining the cast  and, according to Den of Geek (who've had the opportunity to view the first two episodes):
"Utopia’s stylish, surprising second series opener makes few concessions for newcomers; everything it does, it does for its fans. That’s your first nudge to catch up on series one before the second run starts on Channel Four in mid-July. After some pleasing disorientation, the first episode places its audience securely back in the world of The Network and Utopia’s unwieldy central dilemma: what should humans do about impending bloodshed caused by overpopulation?"

So, I guess the basic point here is that watch Utopia - If you haven't seen Season 1 watch it now ... right now. If you have already seen it, watch it again and (if they ever decide to tell us when it's on) be ready for season 2 in July.

Here's a 3 minute recap of the first season and the trailer for the second:

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