PBS Idea Channel explores net neutrality & asks if the Internet should be a public utility


A look at the issues surrounding Net Neutrality from PBS Idea Channel. Personally I would go a step further than making the Internet a public utility. I'd make it an unalienable human right. It may not be as obvious as "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" and it may not be as essential as water or health care (both recognized as rights in most civilized countries).

Humans, however, like to make progress or at least we like to think that we do. As we move deeper into the 21st century, I think that establishing a right to the Internet - to communication with anyone anywhere and access to the worlds knowledge and ideas - would be a great step forward for humanity and a sign of optimism about the future.

For some reason, possible do to the controversial nature of the subject matter,  the PBS video cannot be embedded.

Watch it here, it's good!
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