Help Kickstart this Indiana Jones "fan film" starring Timothy Omundson and Simone Bailly


When I say "fan film" you probably think of a story written by a teenager where Harry Potter teams up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or maybe a group of people who play Star Trek  and record it. That is not what this is. Army of the Lost Horizon is described as a "love letter to Indiana Jones" and some talented and experienced people have signed on to help create it.

The short film was written by David Harari and will be directed by Stephen Scaia. Scaia's writer/producer credits include episodes of Jericho, Warehouse 13 and Star Wars: Underworld - a Star Wars live action series that he worked on with George Lucas but that never made it to air.

For the starring roles they have signed on Timothy Omundson (Psyche, Jericho, Deadwood) and Simone Bailly (Stargate SG1, the L Word, Battlestar Galactica) and they're bringing in 87Eleven Action Design - the team responsible for the stunt work and fight choreography in the Hunger Games, Captain America, Sherlock Holmes and Fight Club.

As of this moment, they have received $12,000 pledges out of their $15,000 goal. According to Simone Bailly, if they go over the extra money will go to enhanced special effects and production values.

Here is the video from Kickstarter.

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