Architects in Amsterdam 3D Printing Entire Houses

3D Printed Houses

Not very long ago at all, there were people who claimed that 3D printing was a very limited technology - too limited to be truly disruptive. It turns out, yet again, that there are very few limits on science and technology but many limits on people's imaginations (at least some people).

3D printing, as this video states at one point, is being used to produce everything from guns to human organs. It is being used to produce food, clothing, medical devices and now you can add houses to the list.

Producing 3D printed houses isn't so much about making home building easier as it is about using alternative materials.

3D printing all of the components of a house and piecing them together like legos probably isn't "easier" than building them out of wood or brick but if you can start building houses out of recycled plastics, or sand it could go a long way to solving housing shortages in many parts of the world while saving more valuable and scarce resources.

Here is a report on the subject from Al Jazeera.

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