Amazing video shows 3.5 billion years of your evolutionary family tree


You probably have a relative who talks your ear off about genealogy, or at least tries to. If they've been at it awhile they've probably traced your family tree for 3 or even 4 centuries. Here is a video you can send them to speed up their work a bit:

If you ever feel insignificant or unimportant, remember that in order for you to be here it was necessary for your ancestors to be at least successful enough to have offspring for 3.65 trillion generations in a row. If you consider how dangerous the world used to be, especially for the young - that is a pretty inconceivable winning streak.

Back to the basic point though:

You are related, to some degree, to every living thing on Earth. In 3.5 minutes this video shows you how closely related you are to a variety of organisms - from apes to trees, horses to yeast all the way back to the start of life on this planet.

The video, from Andrew Rader, shows how much DNA you share with each of these species and how long ago their branch of the family tree split from yours. There is also a game he is Kickstarting - though it has long since exceeded the goals.

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