Video: the Talking Heads live in Syracuse 1978 (full concert)

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 7.38.52 PM

The wonderful folks at Open Culture have tracked down yet another vintage Talking Heads performance. It's not clear what venue this was captured at but it really doesn't matter. The fact that videos like this exist at all, from an era 30 years before people carried iPhones, is a minor miracle. Here's David Byrne & co performing The Big Country, Warning Sign, The Book I Read, Stay Hungry, Artists Only, The Girls Want to Be with the Girls, The Good Thing, Love Goes to Buildings on Fire, Electricity, Found a Job, Take Me to the River, I’m Not in Love and No Compassion.

Also, if you happened to miss them check out more Talking Heads live from Dortmond, Germany (1980), the BBC special (1984), CBGB's New York (1975) and Rome (1980).

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