New series on making movies from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Academy Originals

There are plenty of books, web sites and even documentaries devoted to the art and science of filmmaking - the new web series from Academy Originals though promises to be one of the best.

As the name implies the series comes from the people who bring you the Academy Awards. The new web series promises to go behind the scenes for a series about making movies. Because they are "the Academy", they have access to just about every film ever made as well as access to the more than 6,000 working actors, writers, producers, directors and other film professionals that make up the Academy's membership.

Assuming that they've found the right hands to put the project in it is difficult to see how this fails to become a sort of Holy Grail of an ongoing documentary about the art, science, business and history of making movies.

New episodes premiere every monday on the Academy's YouTube channel.

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