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It's been a long time since I created a Facebook group. I have doubts about Facebook's long term viability. However, it will do for now.

The new group is for the discussion of emerging science and technology and its, potentially substantial, impact on us all. Rather than drag this out too much I will simply post what I wrote for the 'About' page for those who want more info.

For those who have all the info they need, here's the link.

My grandmother was born on a farm, without running water or electricity, in 1917. When I was born, in 1970, “cellular phones” barely existed, the internet was the domain of the military and research universities and the television had six channels.

Technological change over the last century has caused substantial social and political change. The next century however promises to make the last century look like we have been holding still.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic will take over most ‘jobs’ and while there are those who say they will be replaced by new jobs, it is difficult to imagine what those might be.

For better or worse 3D printing promises to do to manufacturing, shipping and retail what file sharing has done to the music industry.

The effects of climate change will be felt globally, it is too late to fully stop warming. Geoengineering and alternative energy, however, may help to reduce the impact and genetically modified foods will help to prevent food shortages from the loss of crop land and reduced fishing harvests.

Genetics / gene therapy, cybernetics and nanotechnology hold the potential to create ‘super-humans’ - free of disease and disability, with perfect or even enhanced senses and abilities along with vastly increased life expectancy and possibly even near-immortality.

Space is going to start becoming increasingly important. Organizations such as Mars One are already planning the first human colonies on the red planet. Better telescopes and some really advanced physics are allowing us to learn more about the universe and to find more planets, including ‘Earth-like’ planets. We can’t get there yet, but NASA is working on a ‘warp drive’.

De-Extinction promises to help us undo mistakes of the past and bring back animals that humans have caused to become extinct.

And there is more, on a weekly and sometimes daily basis new advances are announced. Yet, there is no real discussion of this outside a relative handful of futurists and scientists. Our elected leaders do not seem to be paying attention to any of this at all in their long term planning.

There is also a great deal of misinformation being spread around by the superstitious and the overly suspicious.

This group is dedicated to sharing information and having conversations about the latest developments in science and technology as well as discussions about what it is going to mean for society.

Here's that link again.
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