Watch the long lost pilot for Kraftwerk Sitcom 'Ralf and Florian'


TV networks are usually desperate for stories, but apparently never desperate enough for this. This short video, more of a concept video than an actual pilot, was apparently found in a Dusseldorf car boot sale. It was intended to convince someone that Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider (Ralf and Florian) of legendary German techno-pop group Kraftwerk should have a show.

Tara McGinley at Dangerous Minds, accurately describes it as "..early-80s American TV sitcom Bosom Buddies crossed with Sprockets.”

Personally, if I'm working in development for one of the networks, I'm thinking it may be time for a reboot. It may not seem like there is an audience for it but if, as everyone suspects, marijuana will soon be legal in most of North America it could have some appeal that wasn't there before. Also the robots are about to take all of our jobs, and they will want something to watch after work.

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