Watch the 2012 short 'Peter' which imagines the Peter Pan origin story

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Today Geeks are Sexy posted the 2012 short 'Peter'. The film was written and directed by Nicolas Duval, based on a graphic novel by Regis Loisel. Unfortunately it feels like the film cuts out just as it is getting started, as if the filmmaker had wanted to do a feature and found himself with the money for a short.

If nothing else though, it should tell you that there is plenty of room left to play with the classics. While Hollywood is busy 'rebooting' Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate and working on new Harry Potter movies, tales like 'Peter Pan' are sitting out there, waiting to get a 21st century makeover.

I was especially impressed with the overall atmosphere created including José Gerel's cinematography and Bruno Vitti's production design. I was fully prepared to sit through another 2 hours of the story and can only hope that someone will read this and rush to provide Duval & company with the money they need to do the whole story.

PETER PAN from nikloz001 on Vimeo.
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