Video: Batgirl's 1960s Equal Pay PSA


I found this on Open Culture, they apparently got it from the Emily’s List Facebook Page. Emily's List says  “Over 50 years ago, Congress passed the Equal Pay Act, a law designed to end wage discrimination against women. Unfortunately, the fight’s still got many rounds left.”

For a more detailed analysis of the situation though I've included a short video from the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum publishes an annual report that looks, in considerable detail, at gender inequality in health, education, economics and politics around the world. The video summarizes their 2013 findings, but you can download the full report as well as past reports and other related material on their website.

Currently Iceland and several countries in Northern Europe are the best places to be female. The worst place in the world to be a woman is Yemen but no country has yet achieved full equality.

In the United States, the head of Texas based Republican PAC RedState Women recently said that women were too "busy" for equal pay.

According to Huffington Post Cari Christman opined that "if you look at it, women are extremely busy. We lead busy lives, whether working professionally, whether working from home, and times are extremely busy. It's a busy cycle for women, and we've got a lot to juggle. So when we look at this issue we think, what's practical? And we want more access to jobs. We want to be able to get a higher education degree at the same time we're working or raising a family."

Sadly the world, and the vast majority of the countries in it, still have a long way to go to realize Batgirl's vision. I wonder if she wishes she'd let that bomb go off. Maybe someone should call Halle Berry about doing a reboot of the ad?

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