The Muppet version of Jesus Christ Superstar


I'm not much of a fan of Christianity. Based on the evidence I've seen I don't even believe that there was ever such a person as "Jesus of Nazereth" - divine or otherwise.

However, I've always liked Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar and Muppets. Apparently Christo Graham of Lennoxville, Québec feels the same way. Muppet Christ Superstar, his parody/mash-up of JSC, features Kermit as the son of God, Gonzo as Judas, Miss Piggy as Mary Magdalene, Fozzie Bear as Simon the Zealot, Rowlf the Dog as King Herod, Pepe as Pilate and as the apostles the Electric Mayhem.

It's available as a pay what you want download, so grab it now before someone files a cease and desist.

[Via io9]
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