NASA wants your help naming next Saturn Mission


For 10 years the Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting Saturn, sending back images of the planet, its moons and rings. Earlier this month NASA announced that there is likely a subsurface ocean on Saturn's moon Enceladus, based on data from Cassini.

Now Cassini is gearing up for its next mission and NASA wants your help finding a cool name for it.
"Starting in late 2016, the Cassini spacecraft will repeatedly climb high above Saturn's north pole, flying just outside its narrow F ring. Cassini will probe the water-rich plume of the active geysers on the planet's intriguing moon Enceladus, and then will hop the rings and dive between the planet and innermost ring 22 times."

The current name for the mission is “the proximal orbits” but surely someone out there can do better than that for Cassini's final mission, right?

The current list of submissions includes, mostly, obvious suggestions like "End Game", "Goodbye Tour" and "Swan Dive". If you'd like to support an existing suggestion or add your own, visit NASA's Cassini site.

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