Is Rob Ford Headed for American Reality TV?

The bad news for the city of Toronto is that Rob Ford may have found a way to embarrass the city even more than he has as mayor, the good news is that he may have found a job that will lure him away from city politics.

The Wire is reporting that the producers of the U.S. reality TV show 'Dirty Jobs' want to give Rob Ford his own show - this would be different than the radio show he lost and much more high profile than his YouTube channel.
"This show would presumably give us an illuminating look into what life looks like behind the scenes, at home, where Ford is tendered and well-fed. It has potential to be unbelievably depressing. Ford has an alleged history of domestic abuse. We already know Ford as a photogenic subject, so the potential GIFs would probably gloss over the darker parts, if any of them make it to air. Or, maybe maybe he'll offer weed with the production assistants."
The scariest part of the whole thing is that the move might not lose him any points with 'Ford Nation'. Worse it could usher in a new era where would be politicians aim first for the reality TV market and reality stars start getting elected to public office.

If you think the depths of public stupidity have already reached their low point, keep a close eye on this.
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