Final Monty Python show ever, to be broadcast live to theaters worldwide

Monty Python Silly Walks

On Sunday, July 20 the remaining members of Monty Python will perform what will have to be their final show ever, really this time. John Cleese is 75, Eric Idle is 71, Terry Gilliam is 74, Terry Jones is 72, Michael Palin is 71, Graham Chapman is 73 and has been suffering from a fairly serious case of death for 25 of those years.

So, never mind the fact that Python's "the Final Rip Off Album" was released 26 years ago and there have been a few albums and a broadway show since then. Unless science finds a way to reverse aging and or defeat death relatively soon, this pretty much has to be the real, final, Monty Python performance.

When that final performance, cleverly titled "The Last Night of Monty Python" takes place in London it will be simulcast live to 1500 theatres around the world.

The locations haven't been finalized yet but this widget will tell you when and if you can see the show in your city.


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