Can we genetically improve human intelligence


At the moment IQ is a roll of the dice. Intelligence is passed down genetically and there is not very much that can be done about it. However, in the not too distant future that may change. Using gene therapy scientists may be able to improve the intelligence of children in the womb, as well as modifying other things such as musical ability, height, hair color, eye color, vision, hearing, strength and athletic ability.

What's more, the ability to make these modifications may not be age dependent. It is possible that gene therapy could also modify the DNA of adults, changing their height, weight, improving their vision, strength and intelligence.

While some of these things are purely cosmetic, others such as intelligence could play a huge role in shaping an individuals future prospects. After all, virtually all low skilled jobs and even some highly skilled jobs will be gone in 20 years. So a society in which everyone is a genius might be a good idea.

A society of brilliant thinkers might also have an easier time overcoming things like climate change and coming to reasonable solutions to long standing divisive political issues.

These two videos from AsapSCIENCE and Vsauce3 explore gene therapy and the possibility of GMO people. (note, the video link that you're asked to click on at the end of the AsapSCIENCE video is actually included below - so no need to click.)

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