Anti-social media is finally coming: Apps to help you hide from people


According to Scientific American it's the "Greatest invention in human history", apps that use GPS to help you hide from people, or at least avoid certain people:
"The Cloak app, for example, collects location info from Instagram and Foursquare to let you know where your so-called “friends” are—so that you never have to see them. It scans their most recent check-ins, and plots those locations on a map. It can even alert you when the guy you owe 20 bucks to is nearby."

Personally, I see this as the dawn of a whole new industry. Alerting you when people you are avoiding are nearby is a good start but it also opens up a whole range of new possibilities.

Currently we have plenty of apps to help bring us closer together. We have apps to help us find friends and family, apps to help us connect with work friends, colleagues and peers, apps to help us find complete strangers with whom we have things in common and more.

What we don't have is apps to help us avoid people and we need that now more than ever. The best thing about social media is the people but (aside from Facebook apps) the worst thing about social media is the people.

Make sure you check out the full story at Scientific American.

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