Video "Lies That Sci-Fi Movies Have Taught Us About Space"


Science fiction should more properly be called 'science based fiction'. There is no magic in science fiction. There is no 'god' in science fiction, no 'light' magic and no 'dark' magic. If there is a 'dragon' in science fiction, it likely comes from a planet where large flying reptiles evolved.

The science in science fiction is not always perfect though. Frequently, writers are guessing about how technology or life on Earth may evolve and change. Sometimes those guesses are eerily accurate, and sometimes they are way off.

Sometimes writers make mistakes because they do not understand the science involved and sometimes writers, producers and directors get things wrong on purpose because it makes for a better or more exciting story.

This video though also makes a few mistakes in that Star Wars (and obviously Spaceballs) are not Science Fiction. The fact that something is set in space, or in the future or on another planet does not necessarily make it science fiction. Star Wars is a fantasy story, which happens to be based in a 'galaxy far, far away'.

(I've also included a video from Neil deGrasse Tyson on what Gravity gets right and what it gets wrong.)

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