Sons of Anarchy alum to head new Walking Dead spin off


According to io9, former Walking Dead writer and producer Dave Erickson has been named as the show runner for the planned Walking Dead companion series.

Personally I'm incredibly optimistic about the move. I have to contain myself a bit because I don't know the plot or characters and there are still plenty of ways this could go wrong.

Sons of Anarchy, however, has done a great job of taking characters who inhabit a moral grey area and making them seem both smart (making logical decisions where they have to choose the lesser of evils) and sympathetic at the same time.

The Walking Dead, which has been through four show runners in three years, hasn't really done that very well. They've taken basically "lawful good" characters and made most of them unsympathetic, largely because they make bad or illogical decisions.

Here's hoping that the other Walking Dead keeps moving in this direction.

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