If you saw Community last night then you'll want to sign up for #MeowMeowBeenz


Last night's brilliant episode of Community “App Development and Condiments” was a brilliant nod to futuristic sci-fi and a poke in the eye of social media at the same time. A company was beta testing a new app ("MeowMeowBeenz") on campus. Everyone rated each other and the campus quickly dissolved into the haves vs. the have nots, complete with multiple levels have 'have' and 'not'.

If you saw it, and you loved it, head on over to meowmeowbeenz.com where you can sign up for ... something. At any rate you can give them your email address and in response you'll get a lovely, brand new email that reads:
Hello Greendalian,

MeowMeowBeenz let's you say how much you like, who you like, when you like, all from a standard non-Boost Mobile phone!

Students can rate teachers. Teachers can rate students. Anyone and everyone can rate each other.

MeowMeowBeenz takes everything subjective and unspoken about human interaction and reduces it to explicit and objective numbers.

5's have lives

4's have chores

3's have fleas

2's have blues

And 1's don't get a rhyme because they're garbage.

You can really help us out by sharing with your friends: http://lnc.hr/g6cXI

Thank you,

David and Bixel

Long Live the Review-loution!

So ... no app yet and I don't know what they're going to do with all of those email addresses but it's Dan Harmon and Community so, it's probably going to be fun. (Unless it's just some people pretending to be them, in which case who knows?)

UPDATE: Mystery solved - according to DailyDot, there is an actually app in development but not by Harmon or Sony. So, sign up, stay tuned and get ready to rate each other!
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