How US evangelicals are exporting hate to Uganda and beyond


Evangelicals have failed in their efforts to marginalize and demonize LGBT people in the United States and working to generate an increase hate in other parts of the world. Uganda recently passed legislation that criminalizes homosexuality by Ugandan citizens, even outside of Uganda.

The law even means the death penalty, in some cases, for homosexual acts. However, enforcement of the law is almost secondary. A wave of anti-gay hate and violence is spreading across much of Africa.

According to the Globe and Mail, a Ugandan tabloid, "the Red Pepper tabloid published the names – and some pictures – of alleged homosexuals in a front-page story under the headline: “EXPOSED!”

Other African countries are considering similar legislation and there has already been an increase in violence and harassment in places.

Much of this wave of ignorance, hate and bigotry is being funded by the same groups that tried and failed to ban gay marriage and gay equality in the west, particularly in the United States.

The two short documentaries below were sent to me by my friend, journalist Andrea Houston who is part of the #ENDhatelaws group on Facebook.

The first is from Roger Ross Williams and is part of a New York Times editorial, the second is from In the Life media and is entitled "Exporting Hate".

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