How likely is it that your job will be automated?


In the not too distant future, most current jobs will be taken over by artificial intelligence and robotics. This includes manual labor as well as many "creative jobs".

According to one report, released last year, 47% of all current jobs in the United States will be automated over the next 20 years. That report doesn't even take into account the jobs that will be lost if those 47% aren't replaced with something that provides an income for the people that used to hold them. It also does not take into account the potential impact on imports and exports which will impact jobs and economies globally.

While I mentioned that report when it occurred, all I had to go on was news reports. Now, thanks to the Oxford Martin Program on the Impacts of Future Technology, I can.

The report "The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?" by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne looks at "702 detailed occupations" and examines how susceptible they are, individually, to automation. So, for example, Emergency Management Directors face only a .003% chance of losing their job to a machine, while the odds for telemarketers are 99%.

At any rate, you can now peruse the report in total when contemplating your educational goals or your next career move.

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