Helix Gets a Season 2


Tonight is the season finale of Helix, but the good news is that there is more to come.

They waited until the last minute to make an announcement but according to Deadline "Ahead of tonight’s Season 1 finale, announced it has picked up a 13-episode second season of scripted drama Helix, from Sony TV. Production will begin later this year with an eye toward a winter 2015 premiere."

This is amazing news because, while I've loved the cast and the writing for season 1, I know that they haven't even scratched the surface of this shows potential yet. While the arctic has been interesting and the minimalism of the sets has had its charm, this drama playing out in a major population center sounds like fun!

Helix, if you haven't been following along is sort of like a zombie show, but not a zombie show. The "vectors" (a.k.a. the infected) are an entirely different animal than the Walking Dead's Zombies, or even World War Z zombies.

As Steven Maeda (Lost, The X Files) told the Hollywood Reporter in January, "we're really trying to not make it a zombie show. The main difference about the vectors [aka Walking Dead's "walkers"] is that they are not mindless eating machines. They're very scary and they're human, and they look horrible. But our team will discover that they're incredibly smart and they retain a lot of their intelligence -- if not their humanity -- which makes them very different from zombies."

Which is sort-of like zombies but awesome. Imagine how much more exciting the zombies on the Walking Dead would be if they were fast, smart, coordinated and organized. Imagine the Walking Dead's Carl rounding everyone up because there were zombies at the gate, only to find when they returned that the zombies were gone - maybe hiding in the woods, maybe crawling down the prison's ventilation system. Imagine if the zombies ambushed people when they were alone, rather than a straight forward mass attack when people were in groups?

I could go on with "imaginings" but it definitely puts an interesting spin on the rash of zombie stories. Add to that the mysterious "immortals" who seem to be trying to force the zombie vector apocalypse to happen and you have something much more interesting than the infinite run-and-hide-then-run-some-more zombie story.

Oh, and you should follow the cast on Twitter, most of them are pretty active there.

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