Helix fans get proactive with online petition and #RenewHelix campaign

As I said back in January; Helix is one of the TV winners of this year for me. I'm really hoping for a season 2 and a chance to see what happens when the zombie virus gets out of the lab. Helix zombies are not Walking Dead zombies. They are fast and agile and, even better, they're smart, organized and capable of advanced problem solving - which makes them way more interesting than the slow, shuffling corpses that sometimes irritate the cast of Walking Dead.

There is no word yet though on whether or not we're going to get a season 2. Fortunately the fans of the show aren't going to do what people usually do - wait until it gets cancelled and then complain about it until they (maybe) get a movie.

They've taken the campaign online now, before the finale has aired at Renewhelix.com, are pushing the #RenewHelix hashtag and have set up a petition at Change.org. Here's hoping that the folks at SyFy are listening, I have no idea what the shows numbers are like but I know that the opportunity to create a science fiction classic doesn't pop up every day.
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