Harper welcomes last troops home from Afghanistan, while his government screws veterans again

Today the last Canadian soldiers came home from Afghanistan, marking the end of a dark era. Stephen Harper, ever a fan of getting his picture taken with veterans, showed up to welcome them home. The Prime Minister announced that May 9 as a "day of honour" for Afghan veterans. May 9 but definitely not today because today while Harper was smiling for photos with the boys coming home, lawyers for his government were in court claiming that "veterans don't have social contract" with the government. A group of veterans has filed a class action suit against the federal government over cuts to veterans affairs and broken promises. According to the CBC
"The lawsuit argues a social covenant was first promised to those who served in the Canadian Armed Forces during the First World War and has been continually promised since then, through policy, political speeches and veterans' legislation, until now."
Harper's lawyers were in court and BC today arguing that there is no such social contract and that (in effect) veterans are just being greedy. I'm not sure why people in uniform continue to smile and pose with Harper unless, due to the military chain of command, they are not allowed to refuse.

Meanwhile Harper, for "serving" his country in the PM's office where he risks paper cuts, and the possibility of falling over during a photo op, is making a very comfortable $315 thousand plus and if he is booted from office in 2015, he will leave with a pension worth about $5.5 million.
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