David Simon, creator of 'the Wire' tapped for HBO Martin Luther King miniseries


According to /Film, David Simon has been tapped to create a Martin Luther King miniseries, based on the Pulitzer Pprize-winning trilogy 'America: In the King Years'.

Simon doesn't do 'bubble gum' TV, where everyone is mostly happy, most of the time and all things end well. There is no such thing as 'reality tv' but the creator of 'the Wire', 'Homicide' and 'Treme' comes closer to reality than most. He doesn't create larger than life heroes, or gloss over the blemishes. Instead his work gives you three dimensional looks at characters in real world situations, making sometimes difficult decisions.

His stories also tend to avoid 'good guys' and 'bad guys' in most circumstances. His characters lean toward grey areas, sometimes light grey or dark grey but always human with understandable motivations. You may not sympathize with all of his characters but you, almost always, understand why they are the way they are.

According to Deadline the story will cover "King and his relationships with Lyndon Johnson, John F and Robert Kennedy, as well as the freedom rides, the Birmingham and Selma campaigns, and the poor people’s march on Washington that he was organizing when he was killed in Memphis."

Given Simon's past work, combined with the quality of HBO's productions, this should be an amazing portrait of King, the man as opposed to King, the myth and an unblinking look at the times he lived in.

Now, while you're waiting for that it's time to watch 'the Wire' (unarguably the best police drama ever) again.

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