'There You Go' a short animated film about how ‘development’ is robbing tribal people

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This short film written by Oren Ginzburg and narrated by actor and comedian David Mitchell for Survival International takes a comedic look at how well intentioned people can 'help' tribal people to death.

From my point of view anyway the lesson should not be 'everything will be better if we just leave them alone.' Instead I'd suggest that we have to get better at 'helping' and make sure that help is what we're offering.

In tribal societies there tends to be a higher infant mortality rate, lower life expectancy, and a greater vulnerability to things like drought and inclement weather. In other words, they can suffer from many of the same problems that all people did in our days as hunter/gatherers and small farmers.

It is also entirely possible that the activities of "developed" people can negatively impact tribal people, even if we're not directly involved with them. Climate change, air and water pollution, overfishing and other environmental problems can impact traditional lifestyles even if we don't directly contact them.

It is not necessary though to convert them all to factory farming, industrial labor or mining in order to 'help'. The goal should be , to the extent anyone interferes at all, to help them adapt to negative impacts from the industrial world and improve their quality of life without disrupting the customs and systems that have sustained them since antiquity.

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