Short film looks at what might happen if men and women's societal roles were reversed.


This film comes with both a NSFW warning and a trigger warning.

Until yesterday I had never seen Eleonoré Pourriat's short film Majorité Opprimée (Oppressed Majority). It takes an unflinching look at what society might look like if roles were reversed. What might life be like if men were expected to act like women and women acted like (some) men.

It is definitely not representative of all men, but the particular breed of condescending, selfish, sexist and dismissive men who cause most of the world's largest societal problems.

From the Independent: "Imagine a world where it is the women who pee in the street, jog bare-chested and harass and physically assault the men."

Many women, I believe, will find this familiar and somewhat amusing. It may be helpful though in demonstrating to some men, exactly what the problem is.

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