Once more with feeling "GMOs Won't Harm Your Health"


Indre Viskontas at Mother Jones has posted an interview with Dr. Steven Novella of Yale. "Novella is a prominent voice in the skeptical movement, a scientific movement that, as he describes it, focuses heavily on explaining the truth behind common myths—things that people believe that aren't true."

It is worth reading the whole article but you can just listen to, or download, the podcast if you prefer.

This sort of goes along with my theme of either being pro-science or anti-science. Science is science. You can't, as the creationists do, pick and choose the bits you like and separate them from the rest. That, after all, is the problem with creationism.

The science behind GMOs says that the potential benefits are incredibly high. The potential risks, so long as a little caution is exercised by farmers, are very low and the known health risks are none. Most of the arguments against GMOs are based on a few bad studies and some fictional worst-case-scenarios pulled from science fiction.

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