New 'Farscape' movie is in the works


Eat your heart out Star Wars VII! Sure Farscape may have never moved audiences on a Star Wars level, but it never disappointed on a Jar Jar Binks level either and JJ Abrams isn't touching this one.

Blastr is reporting that a new Farscape movie, centered on John and Aeryn’s 19-year-old son, is in the early stages of development:
"It’s being reported that Justin Monjo, who wrote several episodes of the original Farscape series, is working on a screenplay for a new Farscape film (likely a TV movie) which would pick up the story of John Crichton and company several years after the end of the Peacekeeper Wars miniseries.

The plot line is pretty thin at the moment, though Monjo has apparently revealed the story will follow John and Aeryn’s 19-year-old son, who is discovered in hiding and forced to rejoin his parents on their spaceship. The project will apparently be directed by Brian Henson, with Jim Henson Productions. Henson served as a producer for Farscape’s entire run, though his directorial credits are a bit thin, with just a handful of scattered television episodes on the list."

As of last April, According to SciFiNow, a new series isn't completely out of the question but it sounds like, for the moment, they're planning on testing the waters with a TV movie to see how it goes ... so when it comes watch it, but it, write your MP or congressperson and encourage them to keep going. At the rate JJ Aprams is slaughtering sci-fi franchises, it may soon be all that's left.

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