New Game of Thrones Clips and Teasers


We're just over a month from Season 4 of Game of Thrones now so the publicity machine has started ramping up. That's good for us, though not as good as say ... just giving us the new season or maybe giving us the next book?

Anyway, I'll take what I can get. Here is a string of clips that have been released over the last few days.

First up is a little behind the scenes clip from the shooting in the far north of Westeros (a.k.a. Iceland). It features Rose "Ygritte" Leslie who is also rumored to be in the cast for season 2 of Utopia (if you haven't seen season 1 go now, stop reading this).

After that is a fan made trailer that io9 posted, it technically isn't "new footage" but it is pretty awesome so I added it in.

Then there are three short teaser trailers that HBO stuck on YouTube earlier today ... enjoy!

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