Mary Louise Parker (Nancy on Weeds) makes Brownies on My Drunk Kitchen


I've said before that My Drunk Kitchen is really the only cooking show worth watching in any medium and now it's even better. Mary Louise Parker, who hasn't been seen much since Weeds ended its run in 2012, is the special guest star this week. This particular episode is about baking! Specifically it's about baking brownies Colorado style.

MLP is there to promote, a school for children in Uganda "Hope North is educating and healing the young victims of Uganda’s civil war, including orphans and former child soldiers, empowering them to become voices for peace and development." One of the ways you can help, beyond donating directly, is by entering a contest.  If you visit you can enter to win a chance to bake brownies with Mary Louise Parker and the cast of Weeds.
"You’ll spend an unforgettable day baking brownies, enjoying a best-of-Weeds viewing marathon, and reminiscing about the good-old-days in Agrestic. Beyond receiving invaluable life-lessons from uncle Andy, you’ll explore Doug Wilson’s tips for tax season, and find out first-hand what makes Nancy’s brownies oh-so special."

You have until March 21 (2014) to enter and every entry will help Hope North.

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