If 10 seasons wasn't enough, the "Infinite Friends" script generator has you covered


As formulaic as it became, some people just never, ever got tired of "Friends". Fortunately, in large part because it was formulaic the Infinite Friends Machine can now generate as many friends scripts as you would like. Those scripts can then be dropped into Plotagon and animated into video you can watch.

Obviously the bad news for fans is that Plotagon is pretty rudimentary. The characters don't look the same and the voices sound robotic, but how else are you going to get infinite new Friends episodes without paying billions to get the cast back together?

Of course the bad news for those that make TV and Film is that things like Plotagon and script generators will get more advanced as technology advances and someday people will be able to turn fan fiction into video that isn't painful to watch/listen to ... even if some of the plots and dialogue hurt.

Via Laughing Squid
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