Dead Kennedys - the Early Years Live (78-81)


On February 18th, the Throwing Muses Kristin Hersh tweeted:

I told her that if he started a petition, I'd sign it. I don't know that the DKs are more worthy than all the Presidents but it would make for a much more interesting holiday. I'm pretty sure that Martin at Dangerous Minds would sign it as well. A day later he was kind enough to post the Dead Kennedys - the Early Years, a collection of footage recorded at various shows in San Francisco and Berkeley from 1978 to 1981. He also posted some footage of the band in the studios during those days - if you're a DK fan, you should go have a look.

In the interim, here are Jello Biafra and friends in their prime performing:
“California Über Alles,” Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1979
“Kill the Poor,” 330 Grove Street, SF 1979
“Drug Me,” Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1979
“The Man with the Dogs,” Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1980
“Insight,” Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1980
“Let’s Lynch the Landlord,” Mabuhay Gardens, SF 1980
“Bleed for Me,” Target Studios, SF 1981
“Holiday in Cambodia,” Target Studios, SF 1981
“Viva Las Vegas,” Sproul Plaza, Berkeley 1978

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