Conservatives still don't understand what "freedom of religion" is


In the US Constitution it says the government cannot make any law "respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms simply says that a person has the "freedom of conscience and religion".

What this means is that you have the right to believe anything you want to and so does everyone else.  People cannot discriminate against you based on what you believe. That means that you can't be denied employment, housing, public accommodations, human rights etc. In order for that to work though, you can't discriminate against others based on their beliefs either ... see how that works?

If you can discriminate against people for not accepting your interpretation of Christianity (as an example) then other people can discriminate against you because you don't accept their interpretation.  If that happens then freedom of religion goes away entirely, for everyone. As an aside, however you decide to interpret religious texts - even if you think that the Bible forbids homosexuality - I'm pretty sure you can't find a verse that forbids "serving sandwiches to homosexuals".

Freedom of Religion also means that you can't teach your version of religion in public schools, even if you pretend it's science. If you get to teach your version of the origin of life (as an example) in public schools then absolutely every other religion get to teach their version too ... so long, I suppose, as they pretend it's science.

Today Daily KOS posted some of the conservative reaction to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's decision to veto a law that would encourage people to discriminate against gays.

All I could think while looking at that list was that none of those people understand what Freedom of Religion is, nor do they really understand the US Constitution because if they did, they would know that Arizona's pro-hate law would get shot down by the first semi-educated judge that read it.

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