An Ad About That Racist Team in Washington That You Won't See During the Superbowl

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 2.09.30 AM likely doesn't have the money to buy two minutes during the superbowl, even if the NFL would agree to let this add play (which they likely wouldn't).

I honestly have no idea how such overt racism is allowed to continue in 2013. In addition to the NFL team, there are two Major League Baseball teams and a large number of college, university and high school teams who use names and mascots that are derogatory toward North American aboriginal groups.

If this was directed toward any other group of humans it would have died out long ago. Local fans would be embarrassed that their team had ever borne such a moniker. It would be similar to the way that baseball fans look at the need to have a separate Negro Leagues.

So yes, using those mascots is racist. Wearing them, as a fan or an athlete, is racist. Using them in advertising or advertising with those teams is racist. Going to their games and supporting them financially is racist.

Visit and get involved in putting an end to racism as entertainment.

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