A 15 minute preview of Game of Thrones Season 4


I'm really looking forward to Season 4. I've finally finished reading the books (the ones that are out so far) and feel fully equipped to complain properly about any small deviation.

Ok, honestly I don't complain much about GoT, it's an amazing series. Fair warning though; there is a part of this video where everyone is saying how much more intense season 4 is; how it just gets more and more intense as things progress. Having read the books I can say that that will be true of, at least, seasons 5 and 6 as well. This series is nowhere close to wrapping anything up. There are still new countries, characters and conflicts that haven't even been introduced.

Here, via HBO's official YouTube page for Game of Thrones is everyone from the series to give you hints about what is coming. Season 4 starts April 9.

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